Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a wonderful holiday destination. A long and rich culture is illustrated by the temples, forts and ruined cities that proliferate while national parks, many covered in dense jungle are home to wild elephants and leopards. The mountainous interior offers a mixture of spectacular scenery alongside the ordered beauty of its vast tea plantations. And then there is the coast; hundreds of miles of idyllic beaches offering the perfect place to relax.

From the 16th century walled city of Galle, perched enchantingly on the windswept south-west coast to the jaw-dropping temples of Sigiriya and Dambulla, exploring Sri Lanka is a joy. Journey further north to the hideaway heaven of the Hill Country or get back to nature with a stay in a National Park searching for indigenous leopard and elephant. Sri Lanka offers the highest bio diversity density of any country in Asia.

Sri Lanka has long been famous for its beaches - beautiful golden sands fringed by forests of palm trees. We can offer some wonderful resorts, many of which offer other activities. It’s possible to arrange boat trips to go in search of dolphins and whales (December until April), diving and deep sea fishing.

In the hills of the interior there are opportunities for walking, whether that be doing gentle day walks while staying in a luxurious tea plantation house, or a more robust hike through the jungles of the interior in search of flora and birds.

When to Go

Sri Lanka is affected by two monsoons, affecting different areas at different times. The main monsoon affects the west and south west coats, as well as the hill country, from April to September, the rain usually lessening as this period progresses. The second monsoon runs from November to March, affecting the east coast and again the rain tends to tail off as the monsoon progresses.

To make things even more complicated you can also get thunderstorms and rain anywhere on the island in October and November!

Sifting through that the recognised best times to visit are December to March for the south, west and hills, while May to September is best for the East.

7 days
From £1696
Cult Triangle, Wasgamuwa & Gal Oya

A week of wonderful wild places.

13 days
From £2490
Summer Family Adventure

Tea plantations, wildlife, culture & beach.

Attractions in Sri Lanka

History and Culture of Sri Lanka

With a history running back well over 3,000 years, Sri Lanka is blessed with a material history that can be seen in the innumerable cities, shrines and temples which still exist. These attractions, several UNESCO World Heritage sights, can be included into your tour depending on your interests and priorities. Qualified guides will show you around these attractions, giving you an insight into the sophisticated cultures that existed across the island in the previous millenniums.

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Attractions in Sri Lanka

Wildlife and Conservation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka contains 24 game reserves, several of which are home to some of the world’s most iconic animals. The Asian elephant can be seen, sometimes in large family groups, while the Sri Lankan leopard stalks the forests which cover nearly 25% of the country. The country offers the highest bio diversity density of any country in the whole of Asia, found in a wide variety of different habitats. With over 3,200 flowering plants and 250 species of bird, it’s unlikely you are going to run out of things to look at!

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