Malaysia can be split into two separate areas when it comes to holidays - the Mainland Peninsula and Borneo. Its capital Kuala Lumpur is situated on the Western coast of the Mainland, a vibrant, modern city that expands upwards and outwards every year.

The cities of Penang (Georgetown) and Malacca are also popular destinations, combining the history of the country - an intricate weave of indigenous, Chinese, Portuguese and British cultures and buildings - with temples and markets.

The east coast is more remote, with National Parks such as Taman Negara offering the opportunity to visit ancient rain forests. Elsewhere there are tea and rubber plantations to be visited.

The Malaysian Provinces of Sabah and Sarawek cover the northern areas of Borneo and offer a completely different experience. Rain forest, Dayak villages, river trips, orangutan centres will allow you a real insight into this unique world and the conservation challenges facing the landscape and its indigenous species.

One thing both regions of Malaysia share are wonderful beaches and exceptional diving opportunities so wherever you decide to go, you can end your trip with some secluded and relaxing beach time.

When To Go

The west coast and its cities are hot and humid throughout the year, so there is no best or worst time to go. You can get a cloud burst at any time but there is generally plenty of sun in between. September to October do have a higher rainfall but still plenty of sun.

For Borneo it is best to visit from April to September when the island has the least rainfall. That's not to mean its dry the rest of the year - there's a reason its covered in rain forest! Its also the best time to see orangutans and turtles, as well as other wildlife.

13 days
From £1744
Borneo Holiday: Orangutans & Ibans

Meet Borneo’s two most famous inhabitants on our Orangutans & Ibans holiday, which will send you deep into the rainforest to stay in a tribal longhouse, and to meet orang-utans at the island's most inspirational rehabilitation projects.

10 days
From £1996
Borneo Rainforest and Beach

You’ll get generous helpings of everything this remarkable island is best at on our 10 day Borneo Rainforest & Beach holiday. Snorkel over coral reefs in a Marine Park, see rescued orang-utans at Sepilok - and spot for wild ones deep in Danum Valley Con

12 days
From £2256
An Insider's Borneo

Experience unique travel opportunities and lesser-known gems on our Insider's Borneo holiday, which takes you to a truly remote tribal community and the peak of SE Asia's highest mountain, finishing on a blissful tropical island.

16 days
From £3630
Complete Borneo

Journey deep into the landscape and cultures of this remarkable island on our Complete Borneo holiday. Take a longtail boat to a tribal longhouse, visit orang-utan sanctuaries, explore pristine rainforest on foot and by boat, and disappear into one of the

Attractions in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpar

Diverse cultures and traditions living side by side in one city. It has grown from a small backwater 150 years ago into a vibrant,bustling city. The diversity is visible in its tallest skyscrapers towering over the traditional streets and markets of Chinatown.

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Attractions in Malaysia

Wildlife and Conservation in Malaysia

Malaysia, covering both the mainland peninsula and the northern areas of the island of Borneo, is one of the most diverse ares of flora and fauna on earth - with 361 species of mammals, over 350 types of bird life and an incredible diversity of sea life in its coastal waters.

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