The home of Bushido and the Samurai, Japan is a beautiful and enigmatic country that offers several wonders for the adventurer and holiday seeker alike. Perched in the Pacific Ocean, it is located east of the Sea of Japan, and also east of the People’s Republic of China, Korea, and Russia.

Isolated from the outside world until comparatively recently by its policy of isolation its culture has retained a uniqueness that offers the visitor a true feel of the Orient. It contains 21 World Heritage Sites as well as wonderful landscapes and beautiful cities.

Most peoples trips start in Tokyo, the sprawling capitol known for its neon signs and packed underground. It is also the seat of the Emperors and has a host of palaces, temples and shrines reflecting its illustrious past. It also offers vibrant markets and bustling shopping streets.

Other highlights to consider at Mt.Fuji, the iconic volcano that features prominently in Japanese art, the cities of Kyoto and Osaka and numerous historical attractions such as Kumamoto Castle. Full suggestions can be seen in our suggested itineraries.

When To Go

Japan's spring runs from March to May and is the time to visit if you want to see the iconic cherry blossom. The summer is hot and humid in the lower regions but offers perfect conditions for walking and exploring the hills and mountains. Autumn is also a pleasant time, with the leaves turning a golden bronze and temperatures dropping. Winter is cols, with plenty of snow in the higher areas leading to a vibrant skiing scene.

10 days
From £2433
Cycle & Art Trails of Japan

Pedal away from the norm on our be-spoke (ahem) Cycle & Art Trails of Japan holiday, which will take you from the bright lights of Osaka across the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, where you’ll visit the incredible Naoshima ‘Art Island’.

13 days
From £2854
Kyushu Explorer

Our tantalising Kyushu Explorer itinerary takes you far from the more famous Japanese cities to focus on the country’s smaller southern islands, where you’ll explore samurai castles, trek in a truly ancient cedar forest, and relax in the volcanic hot

17 days
From £5938
Japan - Adventure on Ancient Trails

Walk ancient pilgrim paths, immerse yourself in spectacular mountain scenery, and indulge in some of Japan’s finest food on our Adventure on Ancient Trails, a unique opportunity to step beyond the classic sights and explore the rural side of this fascin

20 days
From £6017
Ultimate Japan

Explore this extraordinary country in detail on our Ultimate Japan holiday, which takes you from urban buzz to historic mountain towns, taking in volcanic hot springs, samurai castles and ancient shrines, as well as fantastic food and fine sake.

Attractions in Japan


Kyoto with its plethora of Buddhist temples, old palaces with their beautiful gardens and multitude of Shinto shrines encapsulates to many visitors the very essence of Japan.

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Attractions in Japan

Wildlife and Conservation in Japan

Japan is not known for its conservation. Its large population of 125m lives on a network of over 6,500 islands meaning that there is not much space left for untouched habitats and large species. Its cuisine with dishes based on whale and shark has made it infamous worldwide for its continued fishing of such species.

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