Indonesia is a patchwork of islands offering a myriad of unique landscapes, cultures and wildlife. From the famous beaches of Bali to the jungles of Borneo and Sumatra, the dragons of Komodo to the colourful societies of Sulawesi, there is truly something for everybody’s interests.

If you want barefoot beach stays you need look no further than the Gili Islands off the Northern coast of Lombok. If you wish to climb a volcano you can choose between Java, Bali or Lombok. For wildlife you can trek to see orangutans in Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) or search for Sumatran Tigers and primates in the National Parks of Sumatra.

When to Go

Indonesia covers a huge area and different areas are affected by different weather patterns. In general the best time to visit is between April and October but as the it is positioned on the Equator it is hot all year round, with temperatures hovering around the 30 degree mark.

The rains come from November until March, usually heavier in the south of the country. But remember, as large areas of the country are covered by rainforest you can get wet at any time of the year.

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Attractions in Indonesia

Bali and Lombok

Bali is the most visited of the Indonesian islands, its beaches and relaxed Hindu culture have made it a popular mainstream destination, especially for Australians. The south coast, especially the main resorts of Kuta and Sanur are well developed, with large resorts and hotels. If you want a more unspoilt experience then head to the north coast, to the west of Lovina where the resorts are smaller, more intimate and less crowded.

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Attractions in Indonesia


The National Parks of Sumatra are one of the last bastions for the endangered Sumatran Tiger, as well as Javan rhino, Asian elephants and the orang-utan. You can stay in small eco lodges, from where you can do day walks into the reserves in search of the wildlife. The more intrepid can travel into the Parks and camp for a night or two of old fashion exploration.

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Attractions in Indonesia

Wildlife and Conservation in Indonesia

With is huge range of habitats Indonesia possesses an incredible variety of flora and fauna. The large islands of Sumatra and Borneo (of which the Indonesian part is known as Kalimantan) are less populated than the smaller islands and are still home to the larger mammals.

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