With 103 national parks, India is ranked third in Asia after China and Thailand in the number of protected areas. These parks helps the country protect a diverse range of landscapes, terrain, flora and fauna. The country prides itself on hosting bird reserves, desert parks, marine conservation parks, tiger nature reserves, and the only floating national reserve in the world – Keibul Lamjao National Park. For most destinations in this country, the best time to visit is the last quarter and the first quarter the year,avoiding the worst of the heat and the monsoon season.

Let’s have a look at at a few more diverse parks that are worth visiting while in the country.

Kaziranga National Park

Located in the state of Assam in North-Eastern, Kaziranga prides itself on being the home of the biggest population of one-horned rhinos on earth. UNESCO also awarded it the status of the world heritage site in 1985.

River Brahmaputra lying on the plains in the park and massive rainfall throughout the year provides nourishment to dense vegetation, which covers most of the park. It is also home to tall elephant grass, tropical broadleafs, and marshlands. Kaziranga is also a host to wild water buffalo, cougar, Asiatic elephants, and different types of birds.

The best time to visit the park is between October and June.

Corbett National Park

Located at the foot of Himalayas, it hosts a variety of vegetation and game, including prominent ones like tigers which wildlife enthusiasts and wild photographers enjoy.

The recreation centre is the most established in the nation since it’s the country‚Äôs first park and home to Bengal tigers that are considered to be endangered species. The park is best known for elephant rides, waterfalls, and jungle safaris. Ramganga River passes through the park providing a home for more than 480 species of flora and fauna.

Corbett is 500 km square comprising of lakes, marshy depressions, river line belts, streams, and grasslands that are accessed using different gates.

The best time of year to visit is mid-October to mid-June.

Kanha National Park

The park is located in Mandla; it boasts of being the host to the majestic elephants, leopard, other 22 species of large mammals, and open grass plains and city scrapers in the backdrop.

The park was established in 1955 and is 970 km square and has effectively been associated with the preservation of species that are jeopardized, like the rarest deer the Barasingha.

Other park animals that make this site famous for jungle Safari are; wild boars, foxes, wild dogs, leopards, feral cats, sloth, bears, langur monkey, and a variety of snakes.

The best time to access the park is between October and June.

Periyar National Park

The site is home to the majestic elephants, royal tigers, reptiles, fishes, and birds. Its greenness and stillness allow you the serenity and peace you desire and, at the same time, provides you with an opportunity to bond with nature.

It’s also a host to eco-tourism activities like hiking, bamboo rafting, boating, and walking on the dense vegetation. The best time to enjoy your travel to the park is between October and March.

Depending on your budget and interest, India has a wide variety of attractions, which provides you with the opportunity to bond with nature and appreciate rare species. Visit any of the above national parks to find adventures and have a life-changing encounter.

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