Wildlife and Conservation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka contains 24 game reserves, several of which are home to some of the world’s most iconic animals. The Asian elephant can be seen, sometimes in large family groups, while the Sri Lankan leopard stalks the forests which cover nearly 25% of the country.

The country offers the highest bio diversity density of any country in the whole of Asia, found in a wide variety of different habitats. With over 3,200 flowering plants and 250 species of bird, it’s unlikely you are going to run out of things to look at!

One of the country's most famous National Parks is Yala (see map), situated in the south-east and home to over 30 leopards. Although sightings cannot be guaranteed, this is the place to go for your best chance of seeing one. The terrain is low scrub and rocky outcrops, the park is full of sambar, spotted deer and wild pig and therefore perfect for leopards.

If elephants is more your focus then you should consider Udawalawe National Park. Home to over 500 the vast majority of visitors will get a great sighting of these giants. Its location is just to the south of the Central Highlands so can be easily incorporated into a tour of the island.

If the weather during your visit dictates staying further north then you should consider Wasgamuwa National Park also home to a healthy population of elephants and spectacular bird life. There are leopards and bears in the Park as well, but sightings are rare.

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Wildlife and Conservation in Sri Lanka