Wildlife and Conservation in Indonesia

With is huge range of habitats Indonesia possesses an incredible variety of flora and fauna. The large islands of Sumatra and Borneo (of which the Indonesian part is known as Kalimantan) are less populated than the smaller islands and are still home to the larger mammals.

In Kalimantan there are an estimated 222 mammals of which 44 are endemic. Most famous is the orang-utan, the only great ape found in Asia and now critically endangered. There are 12 other primate species including five langur species and the endangered proboscis monkey.

There is also the Sumatran rhino, the most critically endangered species in the World, although the known population of only 30 individuals live in the Malaysian part of Borneo. There is also a small population of Pygmy elephants. Other endangered animals include the clouded leopard and the Borneo bay cat.

In Sumatra (see map) there is the Sumatran rhino, the smallest of all living rhino species and the only Asian variant with two horns. There are fewer than 100 individuals left in the wild, all in Sumatra as it was declared extinct in Malaysia in 2015. The island is also home to the Sumatran elephant (the smallest of all Asian elephants, the Sumatran tiger and the Sumatran orang-utan. All are critically endangered as illegal felling of primary forest, their habitat, continues for the cultivation of Palm and coffee plantations.

As you would expect from a country comprising of over 17,500 islands, the marine life is exceptional. Excellent scuba and snorkelling can be enjoyed at many destinations, including the Gili Island off the north coast of Lombok, the north coast of Bali and the west coast of Sumatra.

Other unique creatures abound as well, most famous the dragons that live on the small island of Komodo and whose bite is reputed to be deadly. With a thick saliva packed with bacteria this is often the case.

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Wildlife and Conservation in Indonesia