Khao Sok

Beautiful Khao Sok can be easily reached from Phuket making this, one of the oldest ranforest's in the world, perfect in combination with beach or island time.

The rainforest was declared a national park in 1980 and covers area of 739 square kilometres. The park largely consists of rainforest plains and foothill rainforest with a high biodiversity. The tallest peak is 960m with most of the park at an altitude of 200m. Glassy Cheow Larn Lake sits at the centre of the park and is punctuated by huge limestone pinnacles or karsts.

The mix of tropical and evergreen rainforest results in incredible biodiversity with 200 floral species found per hectare. There are 48 mammal species, 311 different species of birds, more than 30 species of bats and countless reptiles found in Khao Sok.

Many people spend a couple of nights in the park, or very nearby while others visit for the day. You can enjoy exploration by long-tail boat, canoeing, kayaking, bamboo rafting or doing guided treks. There are several elephant rehabilitation projects in this area and it is possible to visit as well as trying to see wild rainforest elephant in the park itself.

Safaris visiting this attraction

12 days
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Thailand - Elephants and Beaches

A tour of Thailand including Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Khao Sok finishing with an idyllic island retreat