Chiang Mai and the north

Northern Thailand is a green and mountainous region with many national parks and dozens of beautiful ancient temples in the centre of the laid-back and leafy gateway city, Chiang Mai. At Chiang Mai's heart is the night market. The city feels a lot more relaxed than Bangkok and the former seat of the Lanna Kingdom is a pleasure to explore on foot.

This region enjoys a cooler climate and a is great centre for trekking and other activities include rafting. There are also many elephant sanctuaries you can visit, although it is also important to note that we do not condone the riding of elephants and only encourage you to visit rehabilitation projects for elephants once used in logging.

Many ancient hilltribes live here, Akha, Lisu, Hmong, Karen and Lahu to name a few—and seeing the local people in their traditional clothing going about daily life is a highlight.

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