The Sarai at Toria Panna Tiger Reserve, India, Thailand

Sarai (or Serai) is an ancient Persian term for an inn and Toria is a nearby village; hence the Sarai at Toria. The Sarai at Toria’s uniquely designed accommodation in little thatched cottages is situated on a beautiful riverside site surrounded by unspoilt scenery and plenty of abundant wildlife. This comfortable and eco-friendly small retreat is envisaged as the founding component of a wider project that seeks to play a positive role in the economic and social development of the local area; they also see it as a base for conservation activities and for wildlife and climate change research.

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The Sarai at Toria


The Sarai at Toria now comprises 8 independent cottage rooms, each having attached bathrooms, verandas and private courtyards. Four of the cottages are especially suitable for families, as they have included tucked-away mezzanine bed spaces that are great for children. The spacious cottages, fabricated in mud, with thatched roofs, are designed by Eugene Pandala, an Indian architect known for his nature friendly designs. A large dining and lounge area is situated on the highest point of the land commanding magnificent views over the Ken River and towards the plateau of the Panna Tiger Reserve. This stone, wood and tile building, designed in an open style, is the perfect place to view sunrises and sunsets and generally to relax and enjoy the tranquil scenery.


The hotel offers boat rides and fishing on the pristine Ken river, walks through the fields of the surrounding countryside and birding on site or at nearby forest and wetland areas. Lunches in the cool shade of a spreading neem tree or dine by candlelight under the stars. Also visit to Khajuraho - a world heritage site of 1000-year-old temples is well known for its magnificent sculptures and Panna - the tiger reserve encompasses a unique landscape of gorges and plateaus that provide important habitat for an abundance of central Indian dry forest species.


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