Carbon for Conservation

Carbon for Conservation supports tree planting and habitat protection. We use 100% of the funds raised through our carbon calculator to support a range of different projects so if you're going off on a holiday you can use the carbon calculator to make a donation in the spirit of carbon offsetting. 

In addition we pledge to plant a tree on behalf of all of our supporters (those who have travelled with us, or participated in one of our events or initiatives). 

Although the launch of our Carbon for Conservation scheme co-incided with the global pandemic we have already been able to donate £360 for fire fighting equipement at forest guard posts in Indonesia and 54,000 Ksh ($500 US) to Seedballs Kenya to fund 4 x 25kg sacks of seedballs. That's a lot of balls - and over 50,000 tree seeds! The seeds will be dispersed by Mara Elephant Project on our behalf and help to reintroduce tree and grass species into degraded areas in the Mara.