Our Projects

In the last five years Explorers Against Extinction has successfully funded projects in over 25 different countries worldwide. 

Many of the projects we partner with are frontline and have specific, time-sensitive needs. We work with a range of threatened species. Projects across Asia include Tapanuli orangutans in Indonesia, sun bears in Borneo,  tigers in Indonesia and India, a marine turtle project in Sri Lanka and a study into the impact of climate change on snow leopards in the HIgh Himalaya. We have also funded additional marine projects focusing on manta rays and whale sharks in the Maldives. 

Not all projects are frontline. We have also started working on rescue and rehabilitation. For example in 2020 we partnered with Animals Asia . We pledged to fund rescue operations for moon bears held captive by the bear bile trade in Vietnam.  By rescuing the bears they could be given proper medical attention and the chance for a happier and healthier life at the Animals Asia Bear Sanctuary. We ended up donating over £17,000 GBP and this rescue fund has already funded the rescue of 17 moon bears. 

All projects we work with are carefully assessed and costed and there are tangible results. In some cases it is possible for our clients to visit projects during their holiday, for example the Elephant Valley Sanctuary in Cambodia, or the Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Borneo.