Beneath the Waves
16 days
From £4241
An Insider's Indonesia

Explore the untamed wilderness of Moluku and Raja Ampat.

7 days
From £1696
Cult Triangle, Wasgamuwa & Gal Oya

A week of wonderful wild places.

14 days
From £11390
Into the Wild

The best of the best with a strong conservation focus.

15 days
From £3156
Nepal - Mountains and Elephants

Explore Nepal's stunning Himalayan scenery and discover the wildlife of Chitwan National Park including elephants and tigers

8 days
From £2345
Red Panda Expedition

A journey to the remote Eastern Himalaya for a wild Red Panda experience.

11 days
From £2490
Rhinos & Rhododendrons

From the steamy terai lowlands of Chitwan National Park to the foothills of the Himalayas.

11 days
From £2886
Simply Sabah

A bucket-list trip if ever there was one...immerse yourself in the Bornean rainforest

14 days
From £4142
Snow Leopard Expedition

A thrilling trip exploring snow leopard country: Ladakh.

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Welcome to the travel network of conservation charity Explorers Against Extinction (registered UK charity No: 1177505).Your holiday has the ability to help conserve biodiverse areas and transform the lives of local people. Thank you for your support.

Bespoke Wildlife Holidays

Since we offer holidays to many destinations, our clients naturally range in age and interests, but all share a passion for wildlife and the natural world.

Whether you're a family, honeymooners, just retired, marking a special occasion, are seeking adventure or wanting to fulfil a long-held ambition, we work with specialist partners to deliver exceptional wild holidays which in turn help to fund conservation.

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Long-listed in the 2021 Explorers Against Extinction Stories For Survival writing competition, Jay Ngo writes of his Grandfather and the power of Udum flowers. Grandpa was an artist. I say…

Where to find Tigers in Nepal? Bardia or Chitwan?

August 25, 2022

There are two main reserves in Nepal where the visitor has a chance of seeing tiger. It is a different experience to game-viewing in Africa; to have a chance to…

Land of Dragons – Komodo National Park

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No holiday to Indonesia would be complete without a visit to the Komodo National Park.  Located off the coast of Flores in East Indonesia, Komodo Island forms part of the…

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With the delayed 2020 Olympic Games finally underway in Japan, now is a great time to explore what this amazing country has to offer. From the ancient temples to the…

Samode Safari Lodge

July 15, 2021

Once the world begins to return to ‘normal’ and those itchy feet want to travel again, how does a safari in India sound?  When ‘safari’ is mentioned, it usually conjures…

Escape to Gaya Island Resort, Sabah, Malaysia

April 19, 2021

If you are looking for somewhere a little different to retreat from the ‘rat-race’ that is life, Gaya Island Resort is that place. This picturesque resort lies on an island…